Our carefully curated Italian fabrics selection is a union of tradition and innovation, blending natural cottons or linens and high-tech synthetic fibers for high quality and long- lasting upholstery. A wide range from plain over sateen weaves allows for your tailored choice of texture and touch.


Our Italian leather palette is a testament to the resistance and durability that comes from the natural process of vegetable tanning, pioneered by Tuscan tanneries. Our leather is made from the finest European bovine hides, which are expertly through-dyed and re-fined to offer a range of finishes, from the silky and smooth to the more grainy structured surfaces. Our curation of colors option exudes elegance and sophistication for your look.


Wood elements bring warmth and a natural feel into interiors and furniture. Our selection of genuine woods of reforestation comprises European Oak, Walnut, Cherry and Maple and reflects a range of character and grain visibility. The artisanal process of staining the wood allows for different shades and accentuations like e.g. a ceruse finished tailored to your taste.


The application of several thin layers of colored coatings that dry by solvent evaporation produce this hard, durable surface on our wood bases. Carefully applied in a step by step process by our artisans to achieve the finest and most homogeneous result, the sheen level can be from matte to glossy. Besides our exclusive palette of tones, we can customize our lacquer finishes in any RAL color of your choice.


Our variety of noble metal finishes are applied to a stainless-steel base. The process of electroplating allows to obtain surfaces in Gold, Copper, Bronze, Canna di Fucile and provides an extra hardness and resistance to rust and corrosion. Our metal finishes  are available in polished or satin/matt.


Marble elements in furniture have the ability to make each piece feel like coated in luxury. All our curated marbles have their own unique beautiful intricacies and veins. From the classis Carrara marble, to the dramatic looking Calacatta or Emperador Dark our stones can be polished or honed.


Glass and Mirror can give lightness and transparency to your furniture and interiors. Different shades and tints allow for a sophisticated and amplifying look.


The special feel of velvet is created by its nap, or pile. The technique originated in Venice where thickly threaded lengthwise thread (pile warp) is wound over thin rods on the loom to create a series of tiny loops, which are then cut open to form the pile.  Our innovative velvets feature long-lasting durability and ease of care.


Our exclusive selection of luxurious fabrics with oozing textures, sumptuous touch & feel, rich coloration and sophisticated embroidery woven out of the finest yarns in the world. From silk to boucle and jacquard-woven fabrics, the lively structures are tempered by noble color schemes and give the extra plushness to your piece.


Nubuck is a velour-like leather with a two-way ( or writing) effect. The bovine top-grain leather is sanded or buffed on the outside grain side to give a slight nap of short protein fibers, producing a velvet-like surface soft to the touch and warm to the feel.


With our innovative printed and embossed  lux leathers we bring the decorative features of fabrics to bovine nubuck. The soft touch is enhanced by subtle patterns and textures to give extra movement to the hide and allow for sophisticated customization of your piece.


In Greek mythology, Medusa could turn her beholder into stone just by a look. For wood, this process takes millions of years resulting in a breathtaking  beautifully dense material. Buried in the soil , the enclosure of metals and minerals during this natural transformation give each piece a unique set of colors and veins.