JENN Desk Chair

Sensual curves follow through the design of this “petit” armchair whose shell hugs you and gives you comfort. Slightly tilted to achieve a relaxed, ergonomic seating position, the chair rests on four solid wood legs. The unique proportions of the JENN desk chair make it a dainty accent that is “big” in design and flexibility.

CUBÉ Desk Chair

This elegant dining chair of the CUBÉ collection exudes luxury craftsmanship. It captivates the attention with its modern lines combined with noble metal accents at its top and the posh upholstery with impeccable stitching. The double cushioning on the seat adds to the comfort level while its straight shape and unobstructed silhouette make it a timeless piece that elevates any desk.


The elegant shape of our CUBÉ Collection finds a new versatile angle in the CUBÉ Desk. With an upholstered frame and a sleek wood top, this piece is light and chic without leaving functionality behind.


The reduced design of this beautiful desk combines the lightness of glass with a pure multifunctional storage unit (available with MORADA digital kit) for the contemporary digital nomad – clean, light and functional.

Handcrafted in Italy

We truly believe in delivering the highest quality in products with impeccable details handcrafted in Italy where the craft of building furniture has a tradition that generated the most dedicated, skilled and diligent artificers. High-grade european woods, nobel metals and precious Italian leathers and fabrics are carefully assembled to unique pieces for timeless indulgence.