Handcrafted in Italy

Experts in Craft

We truly believe in delivering the highest quality in products with impeccable details handcrafted in Italy where the craft of building furniture has a tradition that generated the most dedicated, skilled and diligent artificers. High-grade european woods, nobel metals and precious Italian leathers and fabrics are carefully assembled to unique pieces for timeless indulgence.

Perfect Couture

MORADA combines the best craftsmanship from upholstery, carpentry to blacksmith and marble cutters to create unique pieces in luxurious material combinations. Each craft excels with impeccable finishes and preciseness of execution to achieve the perfectly tailored piece of furniture for you. 

High Grade Materials

All our pieces consist of high-grade materials like solid woods, stainless steel, non-deformable elastic belt springings, memory foam paddings etc. for long- lasting endurance and are meticulously assembled, structured and upholstered. The MORADA atelier selection of high-grade woods, noble metals, precious Italian leathers and fabrics, marbles & stones allows for sumptuous unique combinations and finishes.