Luxury Furniture

Original and Innovative Design

MORADA’s original designs reflect our view on contemporary luxury furnishings as the cast to create high-end interiors. We blend timeless shapes, sumptuous materials and natural elements with convenient technological solutions
(e.g. QI charging or “Touch me” ambiance lighting) in our collections.

Sophistication and Comfort

Our aspiration is to harmonize comfort and sophistication in our pieces to provide you with livable luxury furniture that graces and enhances your lifestyle. Our attention to details and impeccable finishes is paired with relentless search for the most accommodating shapes, the most welcoming paddings or the most advanced hardware to provide you with the best comfort and convenience level according to your preferences.

Highest Quality

We truly believe in delivering the highest quality in products with impeccable details handcrafted in Italy where the craft of building furniture has a tradition that generated the most dedicated, skilled and diligent artificers. Our pieces consist of high-grade materials for long- lasting endurance and are meticulously assembled, structured and upholstered.

Tailored to You

All items in our collections can be customized in dimensions, configurations and materials to your personal style and requirements – the essence of haute furniture couture. The MORADA atelier selection of high-grade woods, noble metal, precious Italian leathers and fabrics, marbles & stones allows for sumptuous unique combinations and finishes tailored to you.