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ISART Collection


The ISART Collection includes luxurious textiles woven with natural and synthetic materials in a rich color selection.

Width: 142 cm

LOFT Collection


The hard-wearing LOFT upholstery fabric offers diversity in color and a soft yet textured touch & feel. Its yarn is lightly patterned to give movement to the elegant color palette of the weave.  It is easy to clean, making it particularly well suited for fixed upholstery as well as removable seat covers and slipcovers.

Width: 140 cm

MATERIA Collection


Materia is a new basic fabric in the ZR range with an extensive color palette. A fine, slightly pepper-and-salt yarn was used in both the warp and the weft. The result is a regular smooth hard-wearing surface. To increase the durability of the weave the fabric has an additional textile backing.

Width: 150 cm

PL Collection


A hard-wearing upholstery fabric with an attractive granular texture. Its special character comes from a multi-color novelty yarn. Its subtle blends of color mean that it can easily be coordinated with a variety of plains. Width: 150 cm

TEXTUM Collection


This modern flat weave plays with the matt-sheen effect of the warp and the weft. The subtle pepper-and-salt warp is a clear contrast to the shiny novelty yarn in the weft.

Width: 142 cm